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What is more important, Managing your Time or Managing your Energy?

Updated: May 6

Gina Martin - Long Beach, NJ

What if you could…

  • Approach your week more effectively and intentionally to maximize your energy and improve your performance.

  • Gain self-awareness to help you reduce stress and understand "what activities are chargers or drainers."

  • Become more mindful of how you approach each task or challenge so that you can feel energized and maximize your ability to achieve your goals.

Why is it important to manage your energy?

As individuals, we view the world through a set of filters.

If you’re wearing blue-colored glasses, the world looks blue.

If you’re wearing green-colored glasses, the world looks green.

We all have these filters, and they are based on

all our life experiences and the influences of people and the world around us.

They form the basis of our belief system and how we view and approach situations.

Our filters help us achieve success in many instances. However, they can also limit us, create tension, and impact our energy.

These filters shape the way we “show up.”

They affect our reactions and responses to situations and people in all aspects of life.

When we become aware of how these filters impact our life, energy, and productivity, we can choose how we want to show up and how to utilize all of our available energy to:

Improve your Wellness:

It helps you feel more energized, decreasing stress levels and increasing life satisfaction.

Enhance Relationships:

Show up as your best self for yourself and others. Increase your empathy and improve communication and collaboration.

Increase your productivity:

You perform from a state of flow rather than a state of chaos. Flow and chaos allow you to be more creative, resourceful, and productive.

Here are some best practices to help you manage your energy more consciously:

  • Be aware of the influencers - How you respond to anything you’re about to do, or how you approach a situation or a set of circumstances, is unique to you. What doesn’t affect your energy in one case may detract from it in another. Whenever you’re not performing to the best of your ability, something is blocking your energy, and most likely, a spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social, or environmental factor is holding you back. Do a journaling exercise to determine how these show up for you.

  • Manage your thoughts - Your thoughts create feelings that define your actions. They also determine how you view life and its people and events. To help you manage your thoughts and reactions, practice the following reframing exercise daily:

  1. Pause: be aware of your reactions.

  2. Reflect: how am I viewing/reacting to this situation? Is this how I want to show up? Or how do I want to experience this?

  3. Refine: Change your perspective/belief to be more aligned with what you want or in a positive light.

  • Identify your chargers vs. drainers—think of times when you feel drained vs. when you feel charged up. Certain activities charge you, and you feel energized during and after. For me, giving training and speeches is super energized. Then there are times when you feel drained by activity; for me, working on bills, invoices, etc., is a drainer. When something is a drainer, there might be different reasons; for example, the activity might not fit your skills or interests or involve people you find draining. In balance, you want to spend more time in those activities that are charging for you rather than drainers. Otherwise, you are running on empty batteries, which causes burnout and both causes a lack of performance and happiness. A few ways to reduce the amount of time spent on these draining activities might be to delegate and ask for support. The good news is that a move that is draining for you might be a charger for someone else.

  • Balance your activities: Be intentional about managing your time and scheduling your days—being conscious of scheduling a mix of tasks and prioritizing those draining activities for the most productive times.


You have the power to decide how you react to what life brings your way and how you show up for yourself and others.

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