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Learn how to set goals & crush them! New freebie

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

I am so excited to share this workbook with you! I want to give you insights into the inspiration behind it and share some tips on utilizing it best. My goal is to help you accomplish your goals and be more intentional about focusing on what matters.

Most of us have a habit of setting New Year's resolutions; we start the year off with great intentions to finally go after our dreams. Perhaps, you want this to be the year you feel at your best by adapting to new eating and exercising habits. Maybe, you want to start dating and find that significant other you have been searching for or work up the courage to ask for a promotion at work.

The challenge is that life gets in the way, and by the time February rolls around, you are back to your old habits and routines, and your New Year's resolutions are quickly forgotten or taken a back seat due to your obligations.

From my own experience, that of my clients, close friends, and family, I've found that we don't stick to our goals because we fail to follow a proper goal-setting process. It is not just a systematic process or SMART action plan, but one that involves a little more in-depth review of your life, dreams, and the "why" these goals are important to you.

"Don't look for motivation. Find your why then...No excuses will come between you and your goals."

My goal is to inspire you to think about where you are right now, what you are proud of, and what you would love to see come true for you.

I believe you have the power to create great things for yourself; with the right tools, guidance, and support, and with the right internal motivation, you can make all your dreams a reality.

You will find that this workbook is easy to use, insightful, thought-provoking, and has a step-by-step proven strategy for goal setting. I've included printable worksheets that you use to plan and to follow up as well!

Next, we'll go over three key steps to follow so that you can learn to set goals and crush them!

"You've always had the power, my dear; you

you just had to learn it for yourself."

The Wizard of Oz

1) Deep dive: once you download the workbook, set 20-30 minutes aside to access important areas of your life. Think about what areas you are happy with and which you would like to improve. Doing this will help you be more intentional and improve your overall life satisfaction. Then you'll spend some time setting meaningful goals for yourself; I find it easier to categorize dreams, for example, personal development, family, fun, contribution, career, etc. Finally, you must write why each is important to you. That way, you will be motivated to achieve them.

2) It’s all about planning: once you're all set, I recommend that you add a "time to accomplish by" date to each of your goals. Use this as a guide when planning your weekly and monthly activities. Once a week, make it a point to go over your goals and plug-in actions towards them where you see fit within your schedule. I recommend utilizing the weekly planner included in the workbook every week to track your progress. If you complete the work and then don't plan when to use it or review it, you will fall behind and miss the opportunity to be more intentional and consistent.

3) Accountability and follow-up: you must exercise self-accountability in the process and establish a follow-up system. Some weeks you will be more motivated than others, and there might be competing priorities. Therefore, it’s essential you focus on progress and not perfect execution but find a way to stay accountable. I suggest you find a friend or partner to support you with accountability. Set up a monthly or weekly chat to share where you are, brainstorm ideas, and get energized to keep going!

My dream for you is to find this one of the most impactful tools you've used so far and that the work you do here is transformational for you. Here is the link to download the free workbook. Happy goal-setting to you!

Remember, a big part of achieving goals is staying focused and motivated throughout the process. If you find yourself lacking motivation, especially during uncertainty, read this blog I wrote on that topic.

I would love to hear from you! Don't forget to drop me a note and tell me how this workbook helped you? Your feedback is crucial to me, and it allows me to create more impactful tools and content for you.

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