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Are you ready to step up to your greatness?

You can't help it.

As an ambitious, highly successful individual, you're always focused on reaching new heights. You are going places; maybe you see yourself going after a promotion, a new job, or even starting a business. Yet, you find yourself struggling to balance it all. Instead of letting your career eat up all of your time and energy, you can learn how to prioritize effectively so that other aspects of your life get the best of you too.

This program is focused on helping you continue to grow personally and professionally while providing you with powerful disciplines and mindset shifts to enhance how you show up as a leader in all areas of your life.

Let's level up!

Setting SMART Goals & Aligning With Your Values – 2 sessions

We’ll start by doing a deep dive to help you reconnect with your values, reassess your life and define what's important to you. I will show you how to set SMART goals in a unique and meaningful, highly effective way. After this step, you will have a clear roadmap to guide you as you step into your greatness and begin your journey towards Self-Leadership mastery.


Energy Leadership – 1 session

In this step, we’ll cover the seven levels of Energy Leadership and how you tend to respond to life situations at each level. You will gain deeper self-awareness that will enable you to learn how to shift yourself to the highest level, so you can enjoy life and perform at your best.


Energy Blocks – 3 sessions

During this part of the program, we'll discover what's keeping you from achieving your goals. You will learn to recognize and identify inner and outer blocks that might be holding you back from success. Together, we'll develop powerful actions to help you get past negative self-talk or self-doubt and ignite you into action.


Exploring the Influencers – 6 sessions

Next, we’ll review the six main kinds of stress and how these impact your ability to stay engaged and motivated. By identifying the factors that influence your energy, you'll be able to reduce stress, increase your energy, and make conscious choices to support your overall wellbeing and self-care.


Learning the Self-Leadership Disciplines – 10 sessions

This is the heart of the program, where we will review Ten Disciplines proven to enhance your confidence, increase your life satisfaction and help you achieve life mastery. The results after these sessions are life-changing, and you'll begin to see everything come together as you reach your fullest potential!


Long-Term Success – 1 session

Lastly, we’ll create your "success" guide to help you sustain your results beyond our time together.  You’ll have everything you need to maintain your progress, honor the commitments you’ve made to yourself, and genuinely enjoy and love life!


What’s included in this program?

The 7 Levels of Self-Awareness assessment

(a 20-minute online questionnaire).

A detailed 10-page report with your results.

A 90-minute discovery call to discuss your results and get clarity around your goals for the program.

22 60-minute coaching sessions over a 6-month period (one session per week), conducted via zoom.

Unlimited email and messenger communication with me, so you have all the support you need during your transformational journey.

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It's time to start creating the life
that you’ve always dreamed of, 
let’s get started.

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