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Energy Leadership


As individuals, we view the world through a set of filters. We all have these filters, and they are based on all of our life experiences along with the influences of people and the world around us. They form the basis of our belief system and how we view and approach situations. In many instances, our filters help us achieve success. In other aspects, they can be limiting or may even create tension. These filters shape the way we appear to others. They affect our reactions and responses to situations and people in all areas of life.

Understanding how these filters may influence your thoughts, emotions, and actions is key to impacting your results, decreasing your stress levels, and increasing your life satisfaction.


The Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment reveals the specific filters you’ve developed and how they influence your life. It also uncovers the thinking and perceptions that might create stress or hold you back from achieving your goals. The ELI measures your level of energy based on your attitude, perception, and perspective of the world. Because attitude is subjective, it can be altered. By working with me as your coach and using the ELI, you can change your mindset and perspective, make a shift in your consciousness, and increase your energy as a result.

The seven levels of Energy Leadership are:

Level 1: Feeling stuck, lost, lack of choice
Level 2: Anger, resentment, stress, forceful
Level 3: Rationalizing, coping, responsibility
Level 4: Care, compassion, service to others
Level 5: Acceptance, opportunity, solution-focused solution-focused
Level 6: Intuition, connected to others, visionary
Level 7: Absolute passion, non-judgment, creation

Understanding these levels will give you the power to make conscious choices.


  • You will experience an increase in your productivity and how you engage in life.

  • You will gain higher self-awareness to reduce stress.

  • Be able to maximize the use of your energy.

  • Be mindful of how you approach each task or challenge to achieve your desired goals. Feel empowered and know that you can create the life you dreamed of.

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